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App Inlet is a small South African company 50% owned by the BlackWing Group and has a cumulative development experience inside South Africa of over 100 years.  We have worked in all industries, including construction, credit insurance, real estate, mining refineries and many more.

One of our other affiliate companies, Digital Software Solutions LLC, is based in Mississippi, USA. They provide comprehensive development services and are gearing up to pilot two of their own projects in the USA; Membered In (based on our technology) and Glocour (the Uber for couriers).

App Inlet currently boasts clients like KFC, Oikos, Bonnins, Pretor and Ready to Send, and, through our holding company BlackWing, clients like RMBSI, Credit Insurance Solutions, Impala Platinum, Bidvest and Willis.

Should you have any questions or comments about this proposal, please feel free to contact me directly:

Bruce Atkinson
t: South Africa: +27 (31) 828 2345
c: South Africa: +27 (84) 414 0001
s: brucea3309

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