Trainee Accountants Position x10

Category: Job Seeking

1. Requirement: ACCA Advanced Diploma In Accounting and Finance with a BSc (Honours) in Applied Accounting top up.

1.1 Job Description: ACCA Trainee Accountant.
1.2 Job spec:
1.2.1 Production of client’s Annual Financial Statements on Draftsworx – a must.
1.2.3 Accuracy in capturing bookkeeping transactions up to trial balance.
1.2.4 Reconciliation of cashbook.
1.2.5 Calculation of depreciation and amortization.
1.2.6 Reconciliation of payroll.
1.2.6 Reconciliation of general ledgers.
1.2.7 Reconciliation of debtors (accounts receivable) and suppliers (accounts payable) ledger accounts.
1.2.8 Understanding of IFRS.
1.2.9 Understanding of VAT, PAYE,UIF and SDL and Import and Export taxes
1.2.10 Understanding of income tax including (IT12/IT14/IT3/IT34).
1.2.11 Understanding of employees tax including (EMP201/EMP501).
1.2.12 Understanding of provisional tax including (IRP6).
1.2.13 Understanding of communal property, associates and trusts.
1.2.14 Understanding of private companies, close corporations and public companies.
1.2.15 Understanding of professional ethics as a tool for governing objectivity as a core for taking engagement decisions. Must be bound to professional ethics of ACCA.
1.2.16 Must have an understanding of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) code.
1.2.17 Must have the character of being punctual and productive.
1.2.18 Must be young with excellent communication skill both oral and written. Must be goal driven focusing on the objective of the training program.

2. Compensation:
2.1 Accountants On Mission compensates trainees on monthly basis with a market related training allowance.

3. Application Procedure: To apply please send email to and attach the following:
3.1 Certified and colour copy of qualifications
3.2 Certified and colour copy of the ID/Passport with permanent resident permit (South Africa).
3.3 Certified copy of driver’s license
3.4 Brief CV with references and contact numbers and emails.

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