Wcyber Solutions

Excellence Through Innovation

wCyber was formed with the vision of supporting organisations deal with their information challenges. The information challenges manifest as inefficiencies to access, process and report on available information.
For many organisations information management or IT is not their core function, neither should it be. As wCyber our role is to create a value proposition that will support both operational efficiencies and also increase revenue generating activities. We are a holistic approach company that you can partner to make better use of information.

Our service offering covers the entire Enterprise Information Management domain, from strategic management advisory to data collection and processing. We are a data solutions provider. Our core focus is in not just supplying data but ensuring that the data works for our clients. We support organisations with supplier and customer analysis, business, intelligence, custom information management, and application development.

The wCyber execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. We understand the scarcity of time and resources and as such our goal is to always promote efficiencies for our clients by helping them adopt best practice. We value the context in which we have developed to date. That context is in Africa; we are driven to support activities and organisations that help in the development of the continent and the elimination of poverty, resulting in a better life for all of Africa.


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