Accounting, internal auditing, tax & financials

Accountants on Mission (AOM) is an accounting and tax practice that focuses on communicating IFRS and IAS by developing talented professionals as a mechanism of meeting the world demand in accounting, internal auditing, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. It is 100% South African black owned company founded by Golden Phiri, the managing partner, in 2012.

AOM specialises in internal auditing, accounting, independent reviews, accounting officer, independent compilations, tax, risk management, advisory services, IFRS training, Department of Home Affairs Business Visa letter of accountant, DTI recommendation for business visa applications, trust accounts bookkeeping, secretarial services, company registration, directors amendments, corporate governance, Sarbanes Oxley policies, financial management services, business plans, joint venture projects, earnings confirmation letter, virtual office management for international businesses; and online business partners as well as online business advertisers by incorporating eCommerce as our expansion strategy.

Key Success Factors (KSF)

The success of Accountants On Mission is based on referrals by our clients who are satisfied with our state of the art services thus offered. Our rate of rejection is below 1% which is in line with our values. Our commitment to deliver what we promise is our strength that cannot be benchmarked by competitors.

Integrated Financial Reporting

We incorporate the new requirement of integrated financial reporting and are in a process of introducing same to all our valuable clients. AOM also believes in teamwork and team spirit.

Our Pride

We pride in partnering with the leading global body of professional accountants – the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We also benefit from the International Ethics Standard Board for Accountants (IESBA) that supplies us with up-to-date information on monthly basis.

Risk of Uncertainty

We distance ourselves from risk of uncertainty by continuing with risk management education. As professional members of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (CIIA) UK; and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) global, we understand the shift of global economy and hence plan ahead.